Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings ©Brenda Mangalore/Sashé Studio

I was blessed with a longer nap break so I took out the white ink to play on some simple black paper. It’s so nice how simple pleasures like a blank piece of paper (black OR white) can be such a blessing.

  • I’m blessed & VERY grateful for baby naps (no matter how rare or random) and time to feed my creative spirit
  • I’m blessed to have these moments of play
  • I’m blessed & grateful for all the love, encouragement (and likes) on Instagram and Facebook for this Lentoodle project
  • I’m blessed with lots of ideas to experiment with doodles, ink and paper
  • I’m blessed with an amazing husband and cheeky bubba (sometimes she even naps for a couple of hours!!)
  • I’m blessed to have this space to share my doodle artwork, to inspire your day

Forgive :: Forgiven

Forgive as you have been forgiven | Lentoodle © Brenda Mangalore/Sashé Studio

Forgive as you have been forgiven.

Forgiveness was on my mind, not just of others, but of ourselves. Sometimes, we are our own harshest critics, no?

The theme of forgiveness continued on Day 31

Forgive/n (from the Lord’s Prayer)

Forgive/n ©Brenda Mangalore/Sashé Studio
Forgive/n ©Brenda Mangalore/Sashé Studio

Goodness & Mercy

Goodness & Mercy ©Brenda Mangalore/Sashé Studio

Goodness & mercy :: from Psalm 23

The odd thing is, for this famous Psalm, the best known parts (for me anyway) is the Shepherd bit, the still waters part + dark valley bit. But on this particular day (and a couple days before that) the hymn inspired by that psalm got stuck in my head. Just the chorus. Over and over.

surely goodness and mercy shall fooollloooww meeeee,
all the days, all the days of my liii-iiffee

Over and over.
I kept singing it to Indigo so many times I knew I had to doodle it out of my head so my mind could move on!

Set Apart : To Delight

Set Apart ©Brenda Mangalore/Sashé Studio

Two more doodles created for Lent – Set Apart and Delight

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Love never fails

Love Never Fails Sketch ©Brenda Mangalore/Sashé Studio

  Sometimes life is a bit intense Sometimes people are just too much. Too insensitive. Too ignorant. Too selfish. Too focused on the details when the bigger picture is all wrong Sometimes I’m one of those people Sometimes just laying in bed and letting life pass by seems to be the only way forward Sometimes [...]

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